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Launch your NFT contract
in a no-code app

Easily launch with secure, gas-cheap & feature-rich NFT contract by Buildship


lower minting gas fees on Ethereum

Our MetaverseNFT contract is based on gas-optimized ERC721A
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cheaper contract deploy fee on Ethereum

With our NFTFactory you'll spend only 0.04ETH on deploying to Ethereum
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funds raised by creators via Buildship

Our creators aren't using empty promises to raise money for communities & art.
Our rug pull protection

Everything your community needs

No developers required
True ownership
You’re the owner of your NFT contract — your collection is independent, will exist forever, and supported by all major NFT marketplaces
Mint button for your website
Add mint & connect MetaMask buttons to your website. Webflow, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace supported
Use for free
Presale lists & passes
Allow early supporters to mint with the special price via presale. Allow other NFT communities mint via mint passes.
IPFS pinning
Seamlessly upload artwok to decentralized IPFS storage with free storage (pinning). Large folders (8GB+) supported!
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Art & metadata generator
Generate your art & metadata from layers with traits & custom rarity
Metaverse voice room
Host your PFP community in your own voice pixel metaverse. Create your NFT holders-only room with custom characters.
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Testnet playground
Launch & test your collection for free on a fake Ethereum blockchain called Rinkeby testnet.
Bullet-proof security
Buildship NFT contract already processed 1500ETH+ without a single money-loss bug or hacking incident.
Ultra-low gas-fees
Buildship optimized contract costs 0.04ETH gas to deploy and 40% lower minting gas fees
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Royalty splits
Control & split secondary royalties between all creators & partners, fully on-chain
Customizable contract
If you someday need devs to build custom features, our contract supports almost anything with extensions
Extensions on GitHub
Batch mints & reveal
Raise more with batch minting & reveal mechanics, built specially for large drops


No upfront costs - our goal is to onboard 1M+ creators into web3

5% fee

charged from primary sales automatically
No secondary royalties are charged
0$ fees for free mint collections — we don’t charge you if you’re not raising money
We don’t cover gas fees, but with us you’ll spend as little gas as possible
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